6 Tips to Help you Ease into Online Yoga Classes

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Lots of teachers have transitioned from teaching in-person to online, its just a sign of the times. Depending on where you live there maybe severe restrictions as to how many students can attend studio classes. And its Summer now so tons of outdoor yoga classes are happening all around the country.

But what happens when you can't make class in-person? Now with so many options, online classes have become a great alternative. Do they make you nervous? Are you unsure of what the experience will be like? Well, I must tell you I have been pleasantly surprised with how well they're turning out. Many students miss the socialization aspect of attending a group class or the feeling of practicing with so many like-minded people. My first piece of advice is to BE OPEN! Just come with and open heart and an open mind to take in the experience for however it turns out. Resist the urge to judge the experience before you try it. So let's get on with more tips!

  1. Have the necessary equipment - It's kinda like cooking, or repairing something around the house. It's much easier to get the job done when you have the right tool or utensil. A yoga mat, strap, blocks, blanket and bolster is all you need. However, with so much workout equipment sold out at stores these days, there are options and items you can use at home to substitute. For example, don't have a mat? Try practicing on a carpeted floor. If you feel like you're slipping around, wear grippy socks. Don't have a strap? Use a belt, tie, or resistance band. Books, shoeboxes and soup cans can be used in place of blocks. And a blanket or towel can substitute for a bolster.
  2. Create a space to practice - No, you don't need a dedicated room to practice, my yoga space is in the living room. You just need to be outside of the flow of traffic in your space. You don't want anyone stepping over you to get into the kitchen.... boy, that would require some yogic breathing. Ha. If you're feeling like you don't have space either a) ask your family members if they'd respect the time you spend on your mat and not disturb you or 2) use this as an opportunity to purge! Clean out a room (or the corner of a room) and make that your spot to practice. Store your mat and props in a basket when not in use.
  3. Check your internet speed - It would be absolutely no fun to sign up for an online class and have super slow internet, causing you to lose the signal and possibly drop you from the class. You can do a simple google search to test your speed and decide if you need to upgrade before joining an online class. If you have children that are virtual learning this school year, you may want to invest in a faster modem that can keep up with your household demands.
  4. Come early / Stay after - I've always enjoyed cultivating community in my classes whether they're in-person or online. If I can connect two people that either know each other or I think 'should' know each other, I'm gonna introduce them. Its the same way online. I sign on to class early and stay online after class to converse with students. Some, I know, just need that connection and I'm happy to give it. Even if its just to settle down and get ready for your practice, arriving early is always better than rushing to get on your mat.
  5. Decide if you want your video on or off - This is a decision that's completely up to you and what your comfort levels are. I've taught classes where everyone had their cameras on AND classes where everyone had their cameras off! Either option is fine with me. You may feel as though you enjoy your practice in the privacy of your home, and that is perfect! You can also change your mind mid-class, nothing's set in stone.
  6. Are you a morning or an evening student? - Do you have a preference on the time of day you exercise? You may enjoy certain class formats in the morning or early evening, like Flow or Vinyasa. Or maybe you prefer Restorative and Meditation in the evenings. Think about the time of day, your household & work schedules and plan a class during times when you're free.

Finally, if you're enjoying your experience - tell a friend! It is likely that some of your friends are looking for online options for moving and exercising. Some students who join me online have shared my classes with their friends who live in other parts of the country and I think that's a win, win, win! They get to share yoga AND they get to see each other & I get to witness all of that amazingness.

Online Live yoga classes (with a group of other students) may feel intimidating at first. If you'd rather practice on your own consider my library of classes in my Online Yoga Studio. There are classes in various formats and durations and they're available any time of the day you are. Here's where you'll find additional

So if you're still on the fence about trying online yoga, send me an email [email protected] and let's chat about it. Because we all need a little yoga in our lives.

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Monica Bright is a Yoga/Movement/Biomechanics Teacher, Anatomy/ Injury/Pain Educator, Certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Yoga & Self-Care Retreat Leader Reiki Practitioner.

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Monica Bright is a Yoga/Movement/Biomechanics Teacher, Anatomy/ Injury/Pain Educator, Certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Yoga & Self-Care Retreat Leader Reiki Practitioner.

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