Yoga Foundations

Have you started practicing yoga so you can improve your quality of life?
Yoga ​​practitioners find they're able to:
  • Increase flexibility & balance
  • Expand mobility and overall movement
  • Manage stress
  • Ease anxiety symptoms
  • Heighten energy
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Find better sleep quality
But you feel like it's not
working for you?
  • Does it feel like classes aren't getting you the results you wanted?

  • Do you have injuries but you still want to practice yoga?

  • Do you feel like you're not learning the foundations of yoga & you want to?

  • Do you want to enjoy walking, running, or other exercises without discomfort?

  • Are you yearning to feel more energized?

  • Do you feel stressed and want to learn how to manage it?


Join me in this 5 week online Course & Coaching program

that'll help you build a practice you love tailored to you with 

a strong connection to the foundations of yoga.

Let me ask you this...

Q: Do you think going to a studio, having a teacher in front of you is the only way to learn yoga?

A: Learning yoga at a studio means you go to group classes & pick up whatever you can along the way.

Without individualized attention, clear & concise instruction, pose breakdowns, question & answer sessions you're just going along with the herd hoping you're doing things "right."

Q: Considering joining an online studio and hoping you'll be able to keep up with classes?

A: Set your worries aside because now you have the support you need to understand the basics

that will help you create a long-term, sustainable yoga practice on & off your mat.

Feel empowered by your practice. With clear instructional videos

you'll learn yoga practices that will enrich and enhance your life!

Is this you?

  • I don't feel flexible at all, and I know stretching would be good for me.

  • I find myself stressed out a lot but I really don't know how to relieve those feelings.

  • My relationships are unhealthy, and I want guidance on how to navigate them.

  • I've tried meditation but it's just impossible. Who can quiet their mind completely?

  • I want to balance my workout routine and / or introduce something new.

No worries, I've been there too! Yoga helped me become the person I really want to be in life -

happy, healthy & calm. And this Course can offer that for you too!


What you learn in the Course?

Breathwork - Are you a chest breather? Learn the calming benefits of pranayama & the anatomy of breathing. Practice utilizing your breath and incorporate it into your practice whether you want to flow or relax your nervous system. Breathwork is key!

Pose Breakdowns - Having trouble with a pose? Master common yoga poses. Learn the names, alignment, modifications and how they're incorporated into a class. 

8 Limbs of Yoga - Wonder how yoga transforms your outlook on the world? These are the basic tenets of yoga. Study what living a 'yogic' life means and how to achieve a meaningful and purposeful life.


Prop Usage - Feel like props aren't for you? Learn how to support your needs by incorporating yoga props into your practice. Make your arms longer, bring the floor closer to you, and use props to enhance and elevate your practice too. 

Meditation - What it is & what it isn't. Hint: it's not what you think!

Cues Teachers Use: Ever been confused by what a teacher has said in class? Learn what that cue actually means.


Lifetime Access - you buy it, you own it! Refer back to the Course whenever you need!


Coaching Calls - Weekly group calls to support your practice, get your questions answered and to discuss the week's recorded teachings. 

Full-Length Class - Now put everything you've learned together into a full class. Practice this class again and again and familiarize yourself with movement, pose names & transitions so you feel successful and empowered to take group classes in-person or online. 


How to know if this Course is right for you?

  1. You've wanted to start practicing yoga but have felt hesitant about being the 'new person.'

  2. You want to learn the foundations of yoga so you feel more connected to the practice.

  3. Learning breath practices has always been interesting to you, but you don't know where it's taught.

  4. You want to feel a connection with your teacher & you want a space to ask questions and get real answers without feeling rushed.

  5. You've heard how great yoga is for health & well-being and you know you need to give it a try.

  6. You aren't opposed to online learning, in fact, you KNOW it's beneficial!

This online Course & Coaching program gives you the foundations you need to create a life-long yoga & wellbeing practice. You won't find this kind of instruction in a group class & private yoga sessions where I share all of this content would cost you nearly $3000!

Since this is online, recorded content, with recorded Q&A sessions you have the content forever!

If you said yes to the above, why hesitate? You already know this is what you need!

About Monica

Bio Photo.JPG

I study extensively in the area of biomechanics in movement and anatomy, something my students find evident and helpful in my teachings. As a Movement Educator who is continually fascinated by anatomy and the movement patterns we have developed over time, I persist in the inquiry of how these patterns show up as physical and emotional stress in the mind, body and spirit.

I am an experienced registered E-RYT 500hr Yoga Alliance certified instructor.  My love of yoga and movement and a desire for continued education led me to Kerala, India, where I participated in an advanced training in the Tantric lineage. As a life-long student I am committed to travelling across country to train exclusively with master teachers in the industries of yoga, biomechanics, functional movement and physiotherapy. Intensifying my knowledge and deepening my practice and understanding, I continuously visit various movement studios and infuse my classes, workshops and private sessions with the thousands of hours of continuing education I have acquired. As a life-long educator, I remain committed to leading Teacher Trainings, hosting International yoga retreats in Mexico & Panama and facilitating movement workshops -- all with the objective of educating clients about their bodies. 

My practice, teachings and continued education has led me on a stimulating journey that has allowed me the opportunity to help people appreciate and rediscover a love for the human body.

This Course was designed based on years of classes and feedback from students:

Layla T.

Monica Bright is one of the best yoga teachers! She has a great breadth of sequencing and body knowledge. Her classes are the perfect way to end a weekend and recharge for a busy week. Monica is so great and I get so much out of her classes. 

Mark C.

I started taking Monica's classes a few years ago and there's nothing that will keep me away. If I have friends visiting from out of town, we're going to Monica's class! She just really has a way of making you feel welcome and dropping some real education on you and it's all so easily woven into class. 

Amanda B.

Monica is a phenomenal instructor. For some reason, I don't know how, but she seems to know exactly what I need each class. I'm a beginner and I feel so comfortable with her. Her explanations are so clear and I walk out feeling like a new person. Whenever I've had a question, she takes the time to listen and answer my questions. I feel safe with her as my teacher.

If you want to create a strong foundation, create a tailored practice that you can count on throughout your life, and learn what practices to use and when....

then get yourself added to the waitlist!