Monica Bright yoga


I'm here to help you keep your practice consistent - practice whenever & wherever you want!

Hello! I'm Monica Bright and yoga has helped me make huge, and necessary, shifts in my life.


I talk to people everyday who desire the best self care practices. Is this you?  Do you want to feel fulfilled and make wellness and self care practices a priority in your life?

I'll teach you how to incorporate yoga into your world so you not only feel amazing physically, but emotionally too. 

Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate student, I will help you find:

Community, Consistency & Education. 

My online membership: The Alliance is where we congregate & enjoy the practices of yoga.

From physical classes to mindfulness practices, yoga is a journey that's practiced both on and off your mat. 

  • Is lack of time keeping you from practicing yoga?

  • Do you wish you could learn the practice on your own terms, when it fits YOUR schedule?

  • Are you hesitant about going into a studio and being the 'new student?'

Detach yourself from those excuses... practice online when you want, where you want and on your terms. 

Create the practice you LOVE!

A little bit about me:

My purpose in life is to educate. Whether it's yoga, elementary school children, school administrators, or new-hires when I worked in Corporate America (which seems like a lifetime ago). It is my love to share and disseminate information in ways that make complicated subjects easy to digest. 

My daughters are my world. Teenagers have a way of keeping you grounded and they won't allow me to take myself too seriously. 

They, and our miniature pinscher - Dimitrius, keep me on my toes!

More info regarding my work life:

I've trained with master teachers in yoga, biomechanics, functional movement, and physiotherapy. It's important to me to continue to study how movement patterns affect your yoga practice.  

I transitioned my yoga teachings online because I know I can teach you more about yoga outside of a studio class and I have the tools to make the teachings available to you indefinitely.

Regularly, I send Messages From Monica - emails that will give you insight to your practice, self care and wellness tips. 

Let's stay in touch