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Self Massage Course

  • Do you ever feel like no matter how much you stretch you still feel tight?
  • What about those gnarly knots in your shoulders and back. Wanna massage the tension away? 
  • Do you want to reduce the effects & soreness from a recent workout?
  • Do you want to reduce stress, unwind and live in a healthy body?
This Course is for you!

Need help

  • Relieving Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue

  • Improving your Immune System 

  • Reducing Pain & Headaches and

  • Boosting your overall Performance!


This self-guided course will teach you how to massage, where to massage and why!

This fully customizable course targets 13 different areas of your body

from head to toe AND finishes with a

full-length full-body class that you can take over and over!

This Course empowers and educates you with easy, digestible content

and clear instructions which help you take self care into your own hands!

What's included in the Course? How much is it? 

Online Access - access the course videos anywhere, anytime

Short videos by body part - jump right to the video you want & focus on the area of the body that YOU need

Anatomy slides - there's no way I'd teach you to massage without educating you about your body & anatomy slides will give you a basic understanding of what you're rolling, muscle functions and where they're located

Full-Length Class - round out the Course with a full body massage

Lifetime Access - purchase once, own it forever

Invest in yourself! $189


Is this Course is right for you? Do you...

  1. Love massage therapy but you want a massage more frequently

  2. Like the idea of having video access whenever you want / need it

  3. Desire to improve your performance and decrease the risk of repetitive stress injuries

  4. Wish your body felt its best and you want to eliminate chronic pain

  5. Crave recovery practices that help with daily living & soreness from workouts

This online Course delivers what you need to know about self massage. The foundations, the techniques, materials needed & cautions on where NOT to roll and why. With clear guidance you'll master the art of self-myofascial release and take your practice into your own hands!

If you said yes to the above, why hesitate? You already know this is what you need!

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  • Massage away stress

         & tension headaches

  • Melt away soreness

  • Relieve congestion & increase lymphatic flow 

  • Awaken your body & increase your own body awareness

  • Diffuse scar tissue

  • Boost your workout performance

About Monica

Monica Bright holding Yoga Tune Up Self Massage Balls

Teaching students how to move intelligently is one of my top priorities.

Identifing the warning signs of poor movement patterns, which, over time,

can lead to repetitive stress injuries, is key.  As I began to study movement

on a deeper level, I discovered Jill Miller and Yoga Tune Up®.

As a Certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor, I will guide you through ball-rolling techniques, which will help you

      ~ Eradicate pain

      ~ Improve posture

      ~ Enhance performance through a unique blend of corrective exercise, self -massage and yoga.


Additionally, YTU® helps athletes recover and will keep your joints and tissues healthy while reducing injuries and enhancing performance.

My overall intention is to awaken the importance of body awareness,

proper postural alignment and functional movement patterns.


I am a Certified YTU Instructor, since 2014, and continue to study directly

with Jill Miller. My practice, teachings and continued education has lead

me on a stimulating journey that has allowed me the opportunity to

help people appreciate and rediscover a love for the human body. 


Come & explore your body in a completely different way! 

This Course was designed based on years of classes and feedback from students:

Robin A.

After Monica's awesome YTU Therapy Ball session I honestly believe I qualify for a medical degree. In these classes I learn so much about my body and I feel like I've spent hours with the best deep tissue massage therapist. I highly recommend it!

LeAnne W.

Monica has a way of teaching you things you might be resistant to learning. She doesn't force you to believe her, she just shows you and you can't deny it. I always massage after heavy workouts. I started staying for her class so I can recover and feel my best before heading home. I'm so glad she teaches this class, she's knowledgeable and I always leave learning something new!

Michael K.

The blessing for me is that whenever I feel a headache coming on, or my sinuses begin to act up, or the seasons change and I know I need self massage to help my immune system, I go straight for my balls for relief! Monica taught me that and I they're not just words because I FEEL the difference.