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Online Classes

~ Can't get to a yoga studio but still want to practice?
~ Traveling but you know you still want to move and you miss your yoga classes?
~ Want to enjoy yoga in the privacy of your home?
I'm developing online yoga classes available for you! Become a member of my online studio and receive full access to all of my movement videos!
$20/ per month

Online Coaching

Are you a new teacher and looking for further study? Are you a student who doesn't want to complete a training but you'd like to dive a little deeper into the practices of yoga? 
I've developed coaching sessions that will guide you through your next steps. Contact me to get started!

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Public Classes & Workshops

Whether you're interested in my group yoga class schedule, workshop offerings, specialty classes or yoga retreat infornmation... this is the place to start! Dive in and lets connect!

Yoga Tune Up® Blog Articles

As a Yoga Tune Up® (and myofascial release) Certified teacher I have the opportunity to write for their blog. I wrote a few articles for them that are still relevant and are still read by people worldwide.  I hope you enjoy them! I'm thinking of writing more, I have a few ideas up my sleeve!