Monica practicing extended side angle with arms bound

Yoga Practice Deep Dive

6 Week Course

A 6-week course to take your practice to the next level. Get more clarity and understanding of your body, poses, ideal practices and techniques. Become more-informed on your path as a student of yoga.

Where do you go when you want more info on your yoga practice?


You've been practicing yoga and you love it. But there have been times when you had questions - whether it's

  • "How do I take these teachings off the mat?"

  • "When should I take a Restorative class?"

  • "My hip hurts in [insert pose] but I don't know what to do or how to adjust the pose." or

  • "I want to practice at home but I need some tips."

You know you have questions, but you don't know where to go or who to ask.

Introducing the Yoga Practice Deep Dive Course!

Over the years that I've been teaching yoga I found myself having so many conversations with students about deepening their practice. They weren't satisfied completely with just taking classes day to day. They wanted more information, they wanted to take more ownership of their practice, they wanted information on injuries they experienced (either due to their yoga practice or brought to the mat).

In these conversations is when I realized that a 60min yoga class is just the start.

Students craved more support and information.

This course is one of a kind! It's not out there, trust me I looked!

What's included when you join?

~6 weeks of targeted study and discussion. Each module focused on a specific area

~Private online Group where you can ask questions, cultivate ongoing discussions and receive feedback

~Weekly Zoom calls

~Downloadable packet of information synced to weekly discussions

This group is like a mentorship, however everything is casual. Ask me questions or ask your fellow Deep Divers questions. It's a community environment where we come together to learn.

How to know if this is right for you?

Well, for one, you enjoy group-talk! You'll feel right at home if you feel as though an hour class isn't enough. You want to dig a little deeper and gain a better understanding of your practice, your body & how to bring yoga to your everyday life.

However, it won't be a good fit if you aren't open to new insights, if you don't come with a 'let me try this' state of mind or if you believe in strict alignment rules.

What students say...

Monique S.

Monica was my first yoga teacher and I loved her from the start. I would talk to my friends about yoga and they would tell me how confused they were in class. So I told them to come to my favorite - Monica - and now we all practice with her. We always leave class feeling great and have learned something new about our body!

Vivien L.

Monica has a way of totally speaking my language. When I take her classes I can close my eyes, get into my body AND understand exactly what she is asking me to do. She speaks clearly and even if I haven't practiced one of her nuanced shapes before I still know exactly what to do and I feel supported too!

James L.

I've practiced yoga with Monica for years and started taking private lessons with her because there were poses that hurt and I didn't want to give up yoga. She helps me understand poses, teaches me anatomy and sometimes she even gives me homework! But I love it because I learn so much from her, She is a gift.

Module 1: Formats & Modalities

  • Have you wondered what the difference is between Yin & Restorative?

  • Do you practice yoga but feel 'tight' all the time, so you practice more?

  • What other workouts complement yoga and when should you practice them?

  • Do you take the same classes all the time bc that's what you know?

This module is for you! We're answering these questions and so many more. Find out how you should structure your workouts so your body doesn't get used to repetitive movements. Learn to understand when your nervous system needs a particular type of class. Get information on recognizing your body's 'warning signs' and how to address them.

Week 1 - Tuesday, February 16, 2021

7-8:30pm CST

Module2: Asana & Alignment

~Alignment is a very interesting topic. What's right? Is there a 'right?'

~Have you been in class and followed your teacher's instruction but at the same time you knew those alignment cues were either unattainable or they just downright hurt?

We'll take an in-depth look at yoga poses such as 1/2 pigeon, Camel, Downward Facing Dog (and more) and search ways to make the poses accommodate YOUR body. We'll discuss cues teachers use and what they really mean - are they appropriate and do they apply to you. 

Week 2 - Tuesday, February 23, 2021

7-8:30pm CST

Module 3: Anatomy Basics

~You may be thinking, "Why do I need to know about anatomy?"

~Once you understand basic anatomy it will help you decipher whether a cue that a teacher uses can be achieved.

~Can you draw your shoulders down while your arms are overhead? Is that natural movement of your shoulder blades? Must your joints stack on top of one another all the time in poses like Warrior 2?

You will learn to discern what natural human movement is and how, in yoga, teachers stray away and only teach the 'alignment of a pose' they were taught in teacher training. We'll also address a number of myths that have circulated in the yoga practice and why they aren't true. Another session jam-packed with information!

Week 3 - Tuesday, March 2, 2021

7-8:30pm CST

Module 4: Practicing w/ Injuries

Typically you hear that yoga is a great way to recover from injuries. However, there are plenty of yoga related injuries that are not discussed widely. Whether you come to the practice injured or you get injured there are ways to care for your body in class. 

Whether your wrists hurt or you experience hamstring injuries; shoulders or back there are ways to continue to practice with an injury. We'll discuss injuries, poses and how to customize your practice so you can care for yourself in class. 

Week 4 - Tuesday, March 9, 2021

7-8:30pm CST

Module 5: Cultivating a Home Practice

~Has it been a struggle to create a space to practice at home?

~Did you give up because of this?

~Not sure where to start or how to even practice on your own?

Let's figure out how to set up your space, what props you may want to have on hand & how you can supplement. Learn ways to craft a sequence so you don't find yourself lying on your mat without and idea of what to do. Integrate your in-class practices with your home practice and understand what to practice, when, and determine the duration.

Week 5 - Tuesday, March 16, 2021

7-8:30pm CST

Module 6: Mindfulness Techniques

Surely you've heard about taking yoga off your mat and into your world. But how exactly do you do that?

Explore practices that can be practiced on your mat and off. 

Implement exercises that will assist in reducing stress in your life. Whether it's goal setting, journaling, meditation or mindful awareness and observation. You'll study these techniques and understand how they all relate back to your physical yoga practice. 

Week 6 - Tuesday, March 30, 2021

7-8:30pm CST

This is an interactive course designed to help you create the practice you want!

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