Monica practicing extended side angle with arms bound

The Alliance

Online Membership

Ask yourself, do you:
  • want to take your yoga practice into your own hands?
  • enjoy the convenience of practicing when YOU want?
  • want to cut out the time and energy you spend getting to and from class?
  • want a learning space where you get to dive deeper and get answers to the practices of yoga?
  • want to learn more about yoga beyond the classes you take?
  • want a supplemental option to your in-person classes?
**Have you tried online yoga but feel like you're missing a yoga community?
Welcome to The Alliance!

You joined an online yoga website, but you want more than just videos. You've come to the right place if you're looking for

community, learning, goal setting and accountability!

Here are the Top 5 reasons why some of the current Alliance members have joined:

  • "I considered not keeping up with my yoga practice but realized it was way too important to me . Yoga has literally changed my life so I can't imagine not practicing - even if my surroundings look a bit different nowadays."

  • "In person yoga was my jam. That's how I've always practiced yoga, but now I've realized I can still receive the same benefits of the practice wherever I am. I also realized in-person isn't the only way and now I'm more consistent with my practice since I can take my membership with me when I'm traveling and I can practice anytime that's convenient for my schedule."

  • "I tried other online apps like Peleton & Beachbody but the community & education focus wasn't there. They have big productions and teams of people but I still felt like I wasn't seen. I also wanted more from my membership, a focus on health and wellness off my mat as well as an opportunity to get the questions I have answered."

  • "Cheaper isn't always better, trust me!" I will never forget the time I bought a cheap couch and was so upset because I had to replace it and could have just used that money to buy a well-made couch in the first place. Now I pay for the quality I want."

  • "Last year, I figured I'd just go to YouTube and piece together yoga videos and workouts, but I ended up spending so much time searching for videos that it became a huge waste of time."

It's time you re-invent how you incorporate yoga into your life!

  • Practice online so that you get your time back to spend with family and friends.

  • Join an online community where you actually learn more about the practice of yoga. 

  • Enjoy the convenience of practicing whenever & wherever you want. 

  • Practice at home so that you save time, money and energy  (I've saved thousands $$ on gas and 18,000+ on car mileage in the last 2 years)!

How The Alliance is different...

Conventional online fitness memberships include a heavy focus on the physical aspects of the workout with classes galore. In this membership, we focus on much more. The Alliance helps you recognize what comes up on your mat and gives you a space that's dedicated to discussing your yoga practice. With the addition of the Facebook group, you're encouraged to ask the questions, share your experiences, and converse with fellow Alliance members. This membership group is like no other, through Live classes, Monthly Goal Setting, Challenges and In-Group Workshops you have the ability to cultivate the yoga community you've always craved. 

In addition to On-Demand Classes, is an area dedicated to Resources. Books, podcasts, articles and more that will assist you in supporting a sustainable yoga practice that you practice on and off your mat. 

As a member of The Alliance you become a part of something bigger than yourself. You understand the value that community brings to your life and how being a member of a community has an enormous effect on your health & well-being. Thus, leading to better quality of life and places for support and outreach. 


You've been practicing yoga and you love it, you also feel like you want more of the community aspect. A community that comes together to actually breakdown and become more inquisitive about various parts of the practice. A community that supports you in your practice. And a community that'll keep you accountable and cheer you along as you progress. A community where you dive into finding & learning about yourself and learn to integrate yoga practices off the confines of your mat.  

Introducing The Alliance!

This is so much more than a library of classes that you take when you feel inspired. This community is designed to help you on your well-being journey and help you get EXCITED to get into each day. Let me ask you a question... DO you always get on your mat when you plan to? Or do you need accountability at times? Trust me, I've been there! 

This membership is different. Not only will you have access to pre-recorded classes of numerous formats, but Live classes as well. Mindfulness practices, inspiring self-care resources, and a community by your side. You'll have access to tools that will support you in feeling your best, feeling like YOU. 

What's included in the community when you join? How much is it? 

Live Zoom classes - move with your community from anywhere in the world, avoid traffic & inclement weather, and save on travel time

Saturdays - 9a Flow

Sundays - 9:30a Deep Stretch

Mondays - 5:15p Flow & Yin

Wednesdays - 7p Yoga for Restful Sleep (1st Wednesday of every month)

**Every class is free, that's less than $4 per class!

On demand library of classes - 200+ videos with 15 - 60 minute fitness, yoga, and exercise classes to fit into any part of your day

Monthly Goals / Goals Setting - stay on track as we all get motivated together by getting intentional on living a full life

Super fun Challenges - a plethora of challenges to jump in on. Anatomy, workout and mindfulness focused challenges to help you push yourself and balance a crazy busy life

'Anatomy of a Pose' videos - get to really understanding poses and what's required anatomically to practice it. Then learn ways to accommodate the poses to suit your body. 

Instructional Videos - learn the basics of why we practice certain poses and pose transitions.

Blogs w/ Videos - Dive deeper into my blog articles (via videos) as I walk you through explanations & teach you exercises.



*Well-being tips - stay inspired with affirmations, mindfulness tools & techniques

*Tons of Resources (Books, Podcasts and more) 

This group is like a yoga mentorship and everything is casual. Ask questions and start conversations. It's a community environment where you come together to learn, challenge yourself and get more out of an online membership.


$49/ month; $539/ Annual

How to know if The Alliance membership is right for you?

  1. You want to practice yoga, but you also want more than just a class

  2. You really want to feel like you're part of a community with like-minded people

  3. You love accountability and connection

  4. You want guidance when you sign up for an online membership

  5. You get excited about challenges, discussions and Q&As

  6. You want a better understanding of your practice, your body & how to bring yoga practices to your everyday life.

This IS an online membership. In this online space I am able to give you so much more than I would in person. This online membership connects you with people outside of a physical yoga studio opening your ability to meet like-minded people from anywhere in the world! All of the information is accessible anytime, anywhere!

What members say...

Mallori L.

Thank you Monica for the community you've created. It's the absolute best of these worlds: togetherness, convenience, and self-journeying. I breathe into you, this community, and into myself: perspective, empathy & grace as we emerge into the new normals of these (almost) post-Covid times. 

Nathalie T.

Just wanted to say that I am LOVING The Alliance! My schedule with the kiddos is so unpredictable, and I love having the flexibility of logging on whenever I have time and doing a pre-recorded class. Your library of classes is incredible! Thanks so much!

Rosa T.

"I've been trying to get to Monica Bright's classes again since I started working in the West Loop. Somehow my long hours never lined up. Thanks to Zoom I joined her shoulders and hips Deep Stretch class. When I tell you this tiny but oh so powerful woman gets into every muscle, I mean it. My shoulders are relieved and this class is as good as I remember. Deep Stretch is her restorative class but she will kick your butt too."