Wind Down and Breathe Easy: Thoracic Breathing on the Coregeous® Ball

In my last post, I discussed the muscles associated with the rib cage and spine. Now that you’re familiar with the areas we’ll target, gather your Coregeous® Ball, a block and a blanket.

Find a quiet space where you won’t be distracted by family members, cell phones, or pets. Lie on your back and place one hand on your belly and the other across your chest. Check in with your breath, and feel the natural pace of the full cycle of your breath. Initiate abdominal-thoracic breathing, a two-part technique, by inhaling a breath to swell your belly then up towards your rib cage, and imagine the spreading of the ribs. On exhalation, feel both the rib cage contract and the belly soften. Continue for a few rounds of breath.

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