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The Mentor Sessions:

Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers

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My friend and yoga teacher,

Francesca Cervero, featured me on her latest podcast

The Mentor Sessions:  Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers.


Francesca is a private yoga teacher & yoga teacher’s mentor.

The conversation we had was so poignant. We discussed big changes we think we'll see in the yoga world next year, recommendations for listeners to consider

as our world continues to change, and more.

What are my thoughts on how the yoga landscape is changing?

What do I think our next steps should be

as students and teachers?

I'd love for you to listen to the conversation!

Melanated Rising w/ Kristin Iris


Fellow Black Latina, movement teacher & creator, Kristin Iris invited me to have this necessary discussion on her podcast.


Your body is a powerful space for both athletes and non-athletic creatives alike. Monica Bright, yoga teacher and movement specialist joins me for this episode to discuss

body mechanics, body awareness, and how improving functionality in your body improves your creativity,

athletic performance, and overall well-being.


We discuss yoga, building awareness of your own body mechanics, and taking control of your injuries and pain especially as People of Color who are often

dismissed by medical professionals.

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