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Results Not Typical

w/ Nikki Naab-Levy

Navigating Pain & Injury in Yoga


Super excited to share that I was on the Results Not Typical Podcast with Nikki Naab-Levy where we talked about navigating pain and injuries in yoga. It's a subject dear to my heart as I've navigated injuries throughout my career as a yoga teacher & enjoy working with students with injuries.


Here's what we discussed:


  • Myths about the relationship between pain and injury

  • Why even though yoga is thought of as therapeutic, not all yoga poses or styles are appropriate when you have pain or injury

  • How to have grace for yourself if you have pain or an injury and are unable to do as much as you would like

  • My recent experience with frozen shoulder and what I've learned from it about navigating these types of long term injuries

  • Why modification and props are not a sign of weakness


...and more!

The Mentor Sessions:

Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers

Injuries & Teaching Yoga

78_Monica_IG .png

Recently interviewed by Francesca Cervero on

The Mentor Sessions Podcast

and you can listen anywhere you get your podcasts!

Here's what we talked about:

  • all about the shoulder injury I'm working with, including the diagnosis, therapy, and interventions I've had and how my recovery is going

  • how my current shoulder injury has impacted my teaching

  • the injuries I most commonly see in students and how I work with those injuries in class

  • the injuries that are more prevalent in people who’s only form of exercise is asana and the kinds of modalities I recommend they add into their movement practice

  • advice for yoga teachers who are currently working with an injury

  • why it is so important to let our students have their own experience and a framework to do that consistently

The Mentor Sessions:

Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers

Where Do We Go From Here?

72_  Crystal & Monica.png

My friend and yoga teacher,

Francesca Cervero, featured me on her latest podcast

The Mentor Sessions:  Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers.


Francesca is a private yoga teacher & yoga teacher’s mentor.

The conversation we had was so poignant. We discussed big changes we think we'll see in the yoga world next year, recommendations for listeners to consider as our world continues to change, and more.

What are my thoughts on how the yoga landscape is changing?

What do I think our next steps should be

as students and teachers?

I'd love for you to listen to the conversation!

Melanated Rising w/ Kristin Iris

Yoga, Pain & Injuries


Fellow Black Latina, movement teacher & creator, Kristin Iris invited me to have this necessary discussion on her podcast.


Your body is a powerful space for both athletes and non-athletic creatives alike. Monica Bright, yoga teacher and movement specialist joins me for this episode to discuss

body mechanics, body awareness, and how improving functionality in your body improves your creativity,

athletic performance, and overall well-being.


We discuss yoga, building awareness of your own body mechanics, and taking control of your injuries and pain especially as People of Color who are often

dismissed by medical professionals.

The Future of Yoga - Post Pandemic w/ Nicole Wetzell

NEW Talk (Ep 2) Monica Bright & Yoga Online

Pivoting to A Digital Yoga Space 


Welcome to NEW Talk, a video series that highlights businesses and organizations that create positive change and celebrates the people making that happen.


The pandemic forced yogis, studio owners, and students to rethink the traditional yoga class at a studio.


Monica Bright, the owner of Enhanced Body, discusses how she built an entire online studio, including class packs, monthly and annual memberships, a library of classes, live classes on Zoom, and even Spotify playlists, this spring when we were just a few weeks into the pandemic. We also talk about how to stay more mindful and centered during these difficult and tumultuous times and how yoga will evolve post-pandemic.