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Sound familiar?

  • I don't feel flexible at all, and I know stretching would be good for me.

  • I find myself stressed out a lot but I really don't know how to relieve those feelings.

  • My relationships are unhealthy, and I want guidance on how to navigate them.

  • I've tried meditation but it's just impossible. Who can quiet their mind completely?

  • I want to balance my workout routine and / or introduce something new.

What about this?
  • Do you ever feel like no matter how much you stretch you still feel tight?
  • What about those gnarly knots in your shoulders and back. Wanna massage the tension away? 
  • Do you want to reduce the effects & soreness from a recent workout?
  • Do you want to reduce stress, unwind and live in a healthy body?


Have you ever felt like...
  • I want to make yoga teaching my career but I feel burnt out?
  • I'm running myself into the ground adding more classes to my schedule.
  • I feel like I give all the time and I don't have energy for myself or my loved ones.
  • I want to do more than teach classes for a studio or gym.