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Monica Bright yoga | ERYT 500 | Enhanced Body
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Monica Bright yoga | Enhanced Body
Monica Bright yoga | ERYT 500 | Private yoga Chicago
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Let's work together and I'll share the benefits of yoga and movement with you. We'll work together & create a plan that addresses your specific needs. 

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Xinalani Retreat Center

New Year, New Awakening

Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort

Cambutal, Panama

January 11-18, 2020

Specialty Classes
Yoga Tune Up®


Yoga Tune Up®, created by Jill Miller, is innovative self-care that includes conscious corrective exercises, which aid in the discovery of your body’s “blind spots.”  It relieves aches and pains, improves posture and heightens awareness in the performance for everyday tasks, enhancing workouts and yoga movements. The conscious corrective exercise program works in conjunction with an established workout lifestyle and helps students live better within their bodies. YTU creates flexibility, relieves muscle tension and builds strength from inside out -- unlike anything the yoga world has ever seen.

Monica’s Deep Stretch is soooo amazing! took my first class at this studio with her and I always walk out of her class feeling phenomenal. It's very clear that she loves teaching and prepares to ensure a very effective flow.


Gina W.

Really like how Monica creatively themes her classes. Once she spoke about the idea of “go big or go home,” which can be very intimidating. Instead she offered, “don't go, stay!” That took the pressure off. I asked my husband to join this class and he really liked it. Part of it is because it's a great class. Other reason was because Monica created a non-judgemental environment for the practice. My hubby promises he will keep coming back to this studio.

Yolanda P.

It is truly an honor to have had the opportunity of such an amazing yoga retreat with Monica!!! My better half and I are truly grateful and blessed for what we experienced at Xinalani. No words could describe the beauty, the healing and growth we experienced within ourselves, with this eclectic group of women as well as strengthening our yogi principles. It is a rarity to find kindred spirits on a journey of goodness in this world. Your studio has a gem within its instructors and for us, we gained a deeper bond with our teacher, Monica, who's truly dear to us!!! We have grown in our yoga practice and look forward to more classes with Monica's anecdotes/quotes. We look forward to this retreat in 2017 in Xinalani!!!

Evelyn B.

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