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~ The Mentor Sessions:  Support & Strategy for Yoga Teachers w/ Francesca Cervero
~ Melanated Rising w/ Kristin Iris
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~ Can't get to a yoga studio but still want to practice?
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Self Massage w/ A Bright Perspective

Online Course


I'm truly excited about this course as you won't just learn how to roll around on balls, heheheh.... but instead you'll learn the reasons why? You'll unlock the benefits of self myofascial release and the reasons why it complements your workout routine. But not just that, since I'm an anatomy-focused teacher, I'll teach you about the anatomy you're targeting, teaching you to understand your body on a whole new level. Why is that important? Because it translates into everything else you do. Whether it's taking classes and knowing when and where to modify or if its talking to your doctor and having the ability to communicate (and understand yourself), in anatomical terms, your questions and desires. 

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As a Certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher, I'm an affiliate seller of their products. Which means, when you purchase products you also contribute to me. Thats a great perk of being a certified teacher.
I've enjoyed extensive training, in-person, with Jill Miller and know how to teach you to get smarter about your body.
Want to take the Self Massage Course and you know for sure you want to get the best balls available for rolling out your tissues? YTU® therapy balls come in 4 different sizes to fit your needs and body parts. Use this link to purchase balls for your self care needs.  
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Classes held on Saturdays & Sundays. Formats include Vinyasa Flow and Deep Stretch. 
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Are you a new teacher and looking for further study? Are you a student who doesn't want to complete a training but you'd like to dive a little deeper into the practices of yoga? 
I've developed coaching sessions that will guide you through your next steps. Contact me to get started!
Yoga Tune Up® Blog Articles
As a Yoga Tune Up® (and myofascial release) Certified teacher I have the opportunity to write for their blog. I wrote a few articles for them that are still relevant and are still read by people worldwide.  I hope you enjoy them! I'm thinking of writing more, I have a few ideas up my sleeve!