Want to work together but not sure if we'd be a good fit?

Discovery Calls are the answer!

I realize there are different ways to work with me and not every option is the perfect fit. 

Discovery calls are 15 minute Zoom calls to help point you in the right direction, to see if we're a good fit and to get you started exactly where YOU need to be. 


  • The Alliance - online yoga studio where members access live & on-demand classes, workshops, resources. It is all about Community, Consistency & Education.  


  • Yoga Foundations ( coming soon) - beginner friendly, back-to-the-basics group course for people interested in starting their yoga journey or just want to re-connect to the basics.

        **Click the link to add yourself to the list for more info (course details & start dates).


  • Yoga Practice Deep Dive - a self-driven course for students who are not interested in Yoga Teacher Training but want to dive in and study more about yoga. 

  • Self Massage Course - also self-driven, is an online tutorial that teaches you how to perform self-myofascial release in various areas of your body. Pre & post workout, body awareness, injury prevention and recovery techniques. 

Discovery Calls aren't intended to solve your problems; instead they help us get clear about what programs are suitable for you!

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