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Wrist and Forearm Pain in Downward Facing Dog

Now that your yoga practice is underway you’re becoming aware of what it feels like to move your body in this manner. As you create a consistent practice you’ll find that you’ll become accustomed to poses (Asana in Sanskrit) and the transitions between them and over time your movements will become more fluid. You may experience considerable feelings as you are in the process of strengthening and changing the shape of muscle fibers throughout your entire body. However, what happens if you begin to encounter sensations in your body, which feel less than ideal? A common question I am asked is, “Why do my wrists and forearms hurt in downward facing dog?” In order to answer this question a bit

Part 2: New to Yoga, Practices on the Mat

In Part 1: New to Yoga, I discussed some of the most common questions I’ve been asked about starting a yoga practice. In this post I’ll discuss what you may experience as you begin your practice. It’s the first day of class and you’re wondering, “How is this going to go?” One of the most important lessons you’ll learn is wherever you are is where you‘re supposed to be. I can’t stress that enough. I guarantee you all sorts of feelings, thoughts, and possible emotions will arise during class. My best advice is to notice and acknowledge what comes up. Most often what arises needs addressing in some fashion. I have found myself in yoga classes most often when I need to work out some issue in m

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