6 Class Yoga & Movement Bundle 

A class pack of

selected classes created just for you! 


Flow, Deep Stretch, Self Massage, Mobility, Yin & Restorative


Let me help you create a home yoga practice.

Allow me to do the hard work and create a well-rounded yoga & movement practice for you.  

 No need to search online for classes or piecemeal them together to develop a full and comprehensive practice.


Classes include styles that suit your needs - from challenging to restorative;

relaxing to pain relief.

These classes will help you feel rejuvenated all over. 


More and more students have asked me to create this bundle of classes

and I’ve designed them carefully!


Whether you are hesitant to practice in-studio or are new to your yoga practice.

Maybe you’d just rather practice at the time of day that’s right for you!

Here’s the ideal package for you. 


If you’re feeling like you want a teacher that can guide you in your practice,

you’ve come to the right place.

As a life-long educator, I know how to guide you through your practice

using clear and concise language.

Videos are high quality and expandable to full screen for easy viewing. 


Not sure which class to do? I've done the work for you

with classes that target all areas of your body.

Classes that meet your needs wherever you are. 

Practice with me...

1. How do I get started?

You’ll need a stable internet connection for playing videos. The videos are playable on any of your devices (laptop, computer, ipad, phone etc).

2. But I’ve never taken a yoga class before. Will this be accessible for me?

Yes! My approach to teaching has always had everyone in mind, no matter the skill level or how you’re feeling day to day. There are days where you may want to challenge yourself in a physical practice and other days when you’d prefer to challenge yourself to get still and calm. I will guide you through entire classes and offer suggestions, modifications, prop use and variations so that your practice is right for you. 

3. What kind of props/ home setup do I need?

I’ve always loved incorporating props in classes, because I believe they enhance your practice and experience. I utilize blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters and Yoga Tune Up® balls throughout class. That being said, if you don’t have those items you can always use household items too. Books instead of blocks, pillows and towels instead of a bolster, and tennis balls instead of YTU balls. 

It’s always nice to have a quiet space at home. Whether its dedicated or makeshift doesn’t matter, as long as its outside of the flow of traffic so you’re able to dedicate uninterrupted time for yourself. 

4. What style of yoga is included in the bundle?

When I teach, I love to incorporate from all disciplines I’ve studied and practiced over my lifetime. Therefore, a Deep Stretch might include elements of Pilates and Mobility work may sneak into a Yin class.

Class Formats



Vinyasa style yoga, more movement and poses are linked with each other in conjuction with your breath.



More stretchy and strength counterbalanced class. We won’t stretch the entire class but we will target areas of your body that deserve a good stretch. 

Self Massage

As a certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher, I’ve developed my own style to massage and mobilize parts of your body. Using balls instead of a foam roller will give you the chance to fine tune the massage and target nooks and crannies your foam roller cant. 


A focus on isolating & controlling movement at your joints aids in maintaining and increasing healthy joint range of motion. Whether you're flexible or strong, this class helps support joint strength and health. 


A practice of stillness.Yin yoga incorporates long holds in pose shapes. Longer holds helps to affect your connective tissue and a feeling of being more limber is the result. Perfect complement to strength classes. 


Restorative yoga is a perfect practice to help calm your mind. Settling into poses fully supported by blocks, blankets and pillows your only task is to unwind. Perfect for new practitioners, older & injured bodies or if you just need to chill. 

5. How long are the classes?

The classes range from 20 minutes to a full hour. So whether you want a quick practice or you’re looking to linger and enjoy more time for yourself, it’s available for you to choose. Videos are time stamped so you know the duration before you get started. 

6. I love the classes, what if I want to do more classes than what’s in this bundle?

I’d love that! All you have to do is become a member! Options include monthly and yearly packages. In the membership you have access to my full library of classes, instructional videos, audio classes and playlists! Easy peasy, and I’ve got a great community already; I’d love for you to join. 

7. I have injuries (hips, shoulders, back pain or limited movement) are the classes still accessible?

I’ve been there!! Experiencing a number of injuries myself I have first hand knowledge of them, how to practice with injuries and treat many of them. First, make sure your doctor has cleared you for a movement practice and you’re clear on any contraindications you may have. 

Next, depending on your pain level and severity of the injury I’d suggest starting with a more gentle practice like Restorative or Yin and progress from there. Never, perform a movement that doesn’t feel right to you. You are the best person to make that decision, because you know your body better than anyone!!

8. Sometimes I want to practice with music and other times I don’t? What should I do?

No worries, I get it! Some of my best practices have not included music and sometimes I get lost in music and love every second of it. Its your choice, I’ve added playlists for each class so you have tunes if you want!

You’ll need a Spotify Premium account in order to hear the playlists in order and without commercials.